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Starting is hard. We over-think, over-plan, and too often cave to overblown standards. The reality is that no one is watching or very much cares about the way we each spend our time, and when we start something, it's a commitment only to ourselves. So just choose what you want to start, get going, and run with the momentum.

Why all this thought on starting? With Strive, I want to live by example, and that means starting a commitment to living beyond the car. And in the process offer some useful information, support and half-formed philosophy to anyone else willing to strive beyond driving. So...

I'm Ritchie, and I'm kicking my car habit. I'm seeing whether committing to other forms of transportation can make me a happier, healthier, more neighborly person. And I'm asking you do do the same in any small way that you can.

We're conducting a personal experiment. Can we be happier by kicking the car and committing to commuting by bike, bus, carpool and remote work.