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2012 Results

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2012 Strive Not to Drive Results

We had 333 individuals who submitted an online pledge to drive less and use alternative forms of transportation, 31 companies who participated in the Workplace Challenge and 138 senior citizens who were involved through the Senior Activity Centers. This was an increase of 116% from the 218 participants in 2011.

Winners of the Workplace Challenge:

Winners of the Workplace Challenge were selected based on the size of the organization, the number of employees who demonstrated commitment to the campaign as indicated in a follow-up survey, and the number of days commuted during Strive Not to Drive week using a form of transportation other than driving to work alone.

Winners of the 2nd annual event:

Western North Carolina Alliance


Equinox Environmental

SMARTTEC Technology Fletcher, Inc.

Buncombe County Government

Other businesses participating included:

Altamont Environmental


City of Asheville

Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP

Evergreen Community Charter School

i play.

Liberty Bikes

Motion Makers Bicycle Shop

Rainbow Mountain Children's School

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

Town of Black Mountain



Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Cane Creek Cycling Components

Chi Living


FLS Energy

Land of Sky Regional Council

Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty

NC DENR Regional Council

Southern Environmental Law Center


Wedge Brewery

Youth Empowered Solutions!

Strive Not to Drive also recognizes those individuals who serve as role models or make a difference in promoting the use of walking, bicycling or pubic transportation with the annual Golden Awards.

Leadership Award:

When Renee Owen moved to Asheville to become the Executive Director of Rainbo Mountain Children's School, her first priority in purchasing a home was not the size, shape or color of the house, it was that it would be within walking distance of the school. It was a very conscience decision to not drive and to set an example for her own children and an entire school. She encourages students and their families to do the same through awards, recognition, and seeds to grow in their gardens. For her inspiration to her co-workers, students, school families and the Haywood Road Community, Strive Not to Drive is recognizing Renee the the 2012 Leadership Award.

Golden Spoke Awards:

Carolina Wiltz bikes, walks and ride the bus every day. She so much embodies the Strive Not to Drive concept that she does not own a car and still travels over 400 miles a month. The nomination shows more than her personal dedication but how she helps others, "Carolina taught me the bus system, regularly volunteers with Asheville on Bikes as well as Strive Not to Drive and other local community organizations in and outside of multi-modeal transportation." For these reasons, Strive Not to Drive is recognizing Carolina with the 2012 Golden Spoke Award.

Lynn Player is new to commuting on a bicycle. In her first commute to the school where she works she "was yelled at by two cars and almost run off the road and a little frazzled," but she didn't let it stop her. This year she commutes by bike more than three times a week. She has also helped encourage and create a bicycling community at Evergreen Community Charter School. She invites people to ride with her and teaches them as she goes. Strive Not to Drive is please to recognize Lynn with the 2012 Golden Spoke Awardfor showing an entire school that striving not to drive is not only possible and better for the environment, but it is also fun.

Golden Wheel Awards:

For many years and in all kinds of weather, Morna Childers rarely drives when she can use other options. She is truly multi-modal: using the bus, her bike and feet to get to work, volunteer activities and meetings. She helps new riders get over their fear of bicycle commuting, and she helps them understand how to use the bus system and is always ready to answer questions. For her efforts as a leader and teacher, Strive Not to Drive recognizes Morna with the 2012 Golden Wheel Award.

Jim Grode's Golden Wheel nomination included the words, "He is an inspiration to us all!" and "Jim never forces his beliefs but leads by example." He rides the bus, carpools, or takes his bike. He also inspires his fellow co-workers at the office to use these more eco-friendly modes of transportation, shared the new bus map with co-workers to help them be more multi-modeal, and helps his co-workers at the office by figuring out carpooling. For all these reasons and more, Strive Not to Drive is pleased to recognize Jim with the 2012 Golden Wheel Award.

Golden Awards and Workplace Challenge winners.