Strive Beyond

Thinking, Working + Moving Beyond the Car

About Strive

Strive Not to Drive (SNTD) began back in 1991 as Bike to Work Day with the goal of encouraging bicycle commuting in Buncombe County. Over the years as concerns about air quality, physical inactivity and related health concerns, and traffic congestion have grown the campaign has broadened to encourage any form of transportation beyond driving alone in your car, including carpooling, shuttles, and transit. 

In recent years the scope of Strive has expanded across a more broad area of Western NC, with Strive actions in Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, and Transylvania counties. And with recognition that many simply can not commute without a car, the emphasis is shifting to a more positive aim than "not to drive," and instead that we encourage all to Strive beyond their comfort zones to try transportation options and offsets in any area of life, from recreation to errands.

The steering committee of Strive Not to Drive is made up of individuals representing non-profit organizations, businesses, governmental agencies and citizens. We always welcome new individuals and groups that are interested in supporting Strive Not to Drive. Find out how you can volunteer and support Strive Not to Drive.

We hope you will join us in this year's events as we increase awareness about how transportation choices affect our health, air quality, economy, and quality of life.



Ritchie Rozzelle, Land Of Sky Regional Council
828-251-662 x133