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Thinking, Working + Moving Beyond the Car

Strive Not to Drive 2013

2013 encouraged 17 workplaces to participate in the Workplace Challenge and 157 individuals pledged to strive not to drive. 100 of you responded to Strive Not to Drive's follow-up survey to let us know how you participated in Strive Not to Drive Week. And because of your efforts, 3,133 miles were not driven using the following alternative modes of transportation:

  • Carpool or vanpool  54%
  • Walking  39%
  • Bicycling  56%
  • Take the bus  19%
  • Telecommute  9%
  • Other  3%

Comments we received in the follow-up survey:

  • "SNTD gave me the boost I needed to overcome my fear of biking to work via city streets, and I've done it every day this week as well! I'm a bit of a huge weenie, so thanks to other people at my work and seeing a lot more people on the streets I did it. Thanks!
  • I really enjoyed thinking about striving not to drive and the $0.25 bus rides made it easier to ride the bus.
  • I LOVE IT!! The breakfast stations are GREAT!!
  • This year's event has inspired me to commute to work by bicycle as much as possible.
  • It's one of my favorite weeks of the year. Now I just need to commute via bicycle when y'all are not prompting me to do so. Thank you for the healthy, positive influence you bring to our community.
  • Great week. First time I have ever taken the bus in Asheville or ridden my bike downtown in the 10 years I have lived here. Both are viable options for me in the future.
  • It was a fantastic week. The Crosstown Rumbler was really a great idea (and name!).

Winners of the Workplace Challenge:

Winners of the Workplace Challenge were selected based on the size of the organization, the number of employees who demonstrated commitment to the campaign as indicated in a follow-up survey, and the number of days commuted during Strive Not to Drive week using a form of transportation other than driving to work alone.

Winners of the 3rd annual event:

Other participating businesses are:

  • Altamont Environmental
  • Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy
  • ECCS
  • Land of Sky Regional Council
  • Liberty Bicycles
  • OLLI College for Seniors, Reuter Center
  • WNC Alliance
  • Asheville Housing Authority
  • City of Asheville
  • Equinox Environmental Consultation and Design
  • Motion Makers Bicycle Shop
  • Pattie Moore, CPA, PA

Since 1998 Strive Not to Drive has been giving out Golden Awards to individuals who exemplify their efforts in multi-modal travel. A Leadership Award is also given to the individual who leads others to use multi-modal modes of travel. Each year we are seeing more people who are becoming multi-modal travelers. The following individuals received this year's Golden Awards.

Leadership Award

Kathy Millar was an occasional bike commuter until a car wreck in 2012. She decided to make bicycling or riding the bus her way to get around. Instead of fixing the car she sold it. Kathy teaches at Evergreen Community Charter School and has been an inspiration to other teachers and students. She helps fellow teachers learn how to use the bus or figure out which route to ride for their commute to work. Her roundtrip commute from West Asheville to the school is about 16 miles. Several individuals nominated Kathy for this award.

Golden Wheel Award

Derek Daniels uses a combination of his bicycle and the bus to go from North Asheville to work at the Asheville airport which is a 40+ mile roundtrip commute. Derek has helped others with bike maintenance and repairs.

Golden Spoke Award

Jarret Porter rides his bike to work no matter what temperature or weather condition. He lives in West Asheville and commutes to the Bistro on the Biltmore Estate. He has been such an inspiration that his manager started commuting by bike. Biking is part of Jarret's soul. His roundtrip commute is 25 miles.

Moses Soto applied for an REI employee challenge grant this year which awarded him money to purchase all the gear and clothing he needed to use his bike to get to and from work. He lives in Bent Creek and commutes on Brevard Rd. and Long Shoals Rd. to get to work, which is about a 15 mile round trip commute. He also helps build mountain bike trails in the Bent Creek neighborhood park.