Strive Beyond

Thinking, Working + Moving Beyond the Car

Through the Strive Beyond Drive, every May, Strive is working and thinking beyond the car. We want to see all transportation modes, working together, to move WNC into a better future.


DON'T MISS: Strive Beyond Summit, May 31

Start your STRIVE CHALLENGE any time in May.

  • Regional recognition for businesses & organizations that sign up 3 or more challengers.

  • Every challenger is entered to WIN A BIKE from WNC Bicycle Dealers Association


Try Car Free Fridays

Strive Not to Drive has been a weeklong event for over 20 years. But striving not to drive is something we all do everyday. We invite you to participate in Car Free Friday whenever possible. SNTD is asking you to pledge to leave your car at home each Friday.

Start with Share The Ride NC to find Carpool partners, bike buddies, and transit options.